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Just like most great ideas, necessity breeds invention.

We’ve all been settling. Constantly carrying your pack, pulling a gigantic floating sled, putting your firearm, fishing rod or bow on the ground and hunting or fishing second rate spots just for convenience...the list goes on. We created the Hella Dry Utility Poles to solve these problems.


As outdoorsmen ourselves, we didn’t want to settle for either wet gear or the inconvenience of holding all our stuff for hours at a time. After 2 years of testing and countless prototypes, we finally landed on the perfect blend of materials and design.

Keep Gear High, Dry &


Be confident that your gear is secured and positioned above the muddy ground or high waters, while being within arms reach of your position.

High & Dry pole with gear in marsh surrounded by decoys.
Duck hunter in marsh with decoys and High & Dry pole with gear.

Go Anywhere

Spend less time searching for convenient spots that keep your equipment off the ground or out of the water. Instead, find the perfect spot and place the Utility Poles anywhere while spending more time doing what you enjoy.

For All Ground Types

Whether you're hunting big game, shooting targets with your bow or sitting in the swamp the Utility Pole's interchagable bases can be used in various ground types.

High & Dry pole in field with hunters in the background.
High & Dry pole in lake with dumbbell.

Built for Durability

We know the conditions and situations outdoorsman face, we’ve been there. That’s why our Utility Poles are comprised of anodized aluminum and high-strength ABS plastic parts allowing them to be corrosion resistent.

Pack Smart, Pack Light

Weighing only 2.7 lbs, the pole itself can pack down to 28". It is easy to assemble and just as quick to disassemble. No tools required. Not to mention the Wingman Utility Pole floats.

Product shot of High & Dry system components.
High & Dry poles in farm field.

Height Adjustable

Whether you're using the Utility Pole as a rifle rest in the fields of West Texas or hanging your gear above the water in the Florida Everglades, the adjustability of our telescoping poles allows you to adapt to any situation, extending up to 5.5 feet.

Hold All Your Gear

Designed with three oversized hanging points and strength tested to handle up to 45 lbs of gear. Hang your shotgun, your blind bag, your bow while at the archery range or use our beverage & rod holders while your fishing. It's a product with no off season.

Limited Warranty

1-2 year warranty available. See Warranty for details.

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Made in the USA

We are proud that we are able to manufacture our products here in the USA.

Made in the USA badge with stars and stripes.

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