Our Story

Portrait of two individual with mountains in background.

We're just like you.

We like to hunt, fish, camp, hike and explore. We're best friends and outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve hunted and fished while holding backpacks full of shotgun shells, lures, jackets, snacks and thermoses full of coffee. From hunting upland game on dried out dirt fields to teal in flooded rice fields.

Portrait of two individual with hills.

We're tired of losing gear.

We’ve looked for spots that had trees to hang our stuff from, we’ve had our gear bags roll off of reed piles and we’ve had our tackle bags float away with the rising tide. It's no fun, it can be costly and we were tired of it.

Dove hunter sitting in lawn chair in field.

Nailed it!

For 2 years we designed, tested, redesigned and retested our product. We want what works and what solves the problems we face outdoors with no worries of malfunction. This past year we knew we had it nailed down and we were ready to bring our Hella Dry utility poles to market.

Snapshot of two guys with rafts and river in background.

Versatility is our game.

We used these Utility Poles hard just like we know you will. We initially set out to solve a hunting problem, but we have found ourselves using them while camping, fishing, or just relaxing with the family at the beach and we keep discovering more uses everyday. It is truly a product that is worth having if you love spending time in nature. We’re not just here to sell a product, we're here to make your time spent outdoors more convenient.

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